• Enjoy the unique experience with PiiXELZ Express, the fun way of hair styling.
  • Welcome to PiiXELZ! We're a Family Salon with Experience & Friendly Stylists.

PiiXELZ was founded in 2010 driven to re-envision the childrens hair salon industry. The founders pooled their talents in business, cosmetology, marketing and development to invent a completely fresh and unique concept. This Exceptional concept first shop came to life in Beirut Lebanon with a plan to expand regionally and internationally.
Everything about¬†PiiXELZ is special & unique: The Cut station, the Beauty accessories, the all natural line of hair and beauty care products, the Art Bar and cornerÖ¬†
We are a family oriented business that cares about our customers. We look forward to taking care of all our kids and teens as they grow.

PiiXELZ mission is to establish a truly unique and exclusive kids and teens beauty space that both children and parents would appreciate and anticipate visiting.

PiiXELZ vision and aim is to create a total new, fun and exclusive experience for both Kids and Parents, an environment filled with beauty and love, and believes in delivering the highest level of quality service to its customers
PiiXELZ will be the leader in its field and be well known in the beauty industry.

Most PiiXELZ products are Exclusive.