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- Derived from coconut which is rich in saturated fats that keeps skin smooth and moisturized. Coconut is a natural source of Vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin growth and repair.
- Contains concentrated mineral salt from the sea, a thickner,  which softens the skin and acts as a detoxifying cleanser to draw out impurities out of the skin.
- Contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is naturally derived from coconut which gives foam and not from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is a synthetic chemical and is often used in floor cleaners.
- The first step in your natural body care routine. Espacially suited for Normal Skins.
- Better to be used with  Body Lotion and Body Splash.
- All Natural Ingredients, No Chemicals included.
- Size: 300 ml

Raspberry Pie
Candied Citrus
Funky Orange Mango