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- Made with the miracle plant Aloe Vera,a staple in skin care, to replenish moisture in your skin. It  Smoothes the skin and provides disinfection to cuts and burns and acts as cell rejuvenator.
- Made also with Natural Coconut Oil which keeps skin smooth and Natural Grape Seeds Oil, which is loaded with Antioxidants. This oil locks in moisture, and keeps skin feeling supple and smooth.
- Smooths and moisturize the skin. It is perfect for after sun and absorbs easily and quickly.
- Maintains light-weight moisture all-day long.
- Combined with Body Splash, makes the fragrance last all day long .
- Better to be used with  Shower Gel & Body Splash.
- All Natural Ingredients, No Chemicals included.
- Size: 225 ml
Raspberry Pie
Candied Citrus
Funky Orange Mango